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Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu Review: A VGM Tour-De-Force

Benyamin Nuss is a German pianist, best known for his Final Fantasy: A New World live performances and Kingdom Hearts concert live performances. Back in 2010, Nuss released a tribute album in honor of Nobuo Uematsu, titled: Benyamin Nuss Plays Uematsu.

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'The Temples' by Ro Panuganti

As any Zelda fan will tell you, a good chunk of your time is spent exploring dungeons, and the ambient music that accompanies these dungeons imbues the experience with different emotions: wonder, sadness, fear, and excitement. Likewise, The Temples provides a similar journey with a multitude of emotions: one moment a calm acoustic passage, the next, a barrage of metal riffs and screeching electronic synths.

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'AHlbum 1' by AHMusic

Compilation albums are a hard sell, especially when tracks originate from a variety of video games. In this case, that variety is perhaps the biggest selling point for ‘AHlbum 1.’ Sure, you can boil these songs down to “metal covers” of video game music but that’s doing the music a massive disservice. The real selling point of this album is AHmusic.

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