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Livestreaming Music: The Great Gig in the Sky

With a webcam and a light audio setup, performers can take requests, jam out to their favorite songs, and even record and produce tracks in real-time with an audience. Many people have asked how streamers such as ToxicxEternity, 8BitDrummer, and myself set up their computers to run a Live Music Stream – here’s your answer!

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Celebrating 2 Years of Mog's Mixtape: Final Fantasy Remixed

This past Sunday, GameLark Records celebrated the 2-year anniversary of Mog’s Mixtape, our Final Fantasy tribute album.

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What the Hell is MAGFest?

Music and Gaming Festival aka MAGFest recently celebrated its 16th annual convention at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, MD. Although MAGFest is neither the largest nor the most popular convention I’ve ever attended, it has quickly become my favorite which begs the question, what makes MAGFest so special? In short, the people, the positivity, and the performances.

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